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South Africa’s SABC To Remove Separate Sports Bulletins From Radio Stations

The SABC has announced that it plans to remove all standalone sports bulletins from its radio stations in order to cut costs, according to a recent report by the City Press.

As a result, more than 30 sports bulletin readers at the broadcaster are facing retrenchment, unless their respective stations can successfully motivate for their retention.

In an email sent to sports readers and radio station managers last week, the SABC confirmed the changes to its radio division and said that the function of sports bulletin readers would be taken over by news bulletin readers.

SABC’s Sports Radio Programme Manager, Gilbert Nyadzhiwa, said that as from April 1, SABC Sport would no longer provide sports bulletins on the radio stations.

Nyadzhiwa added that any stations which wish to retain their sports bulletin readers would have to motivate for their decision in order for SABC Radio to carry the cost.

A source informed the City Press that the public broadcaster was also thinking about shutting down the Sports Info Hub, which would ultimately result in more job cuts at the company.

The SABC said that it is always looking for more effective ways to optimise its operation, and the scrapping of sports bulletins is just one of those ways.


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