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Ghana: Govt Calls For Broadcast Media Sector To Promote Cultural Values

Ghana’s broadcast media sector has been urged to promote the nation’s cultural values over foreign ones because Ghanaian cultural values keep fading, as more citizens embrace foreign cultural practices, according to Mr Pius Enam Hadzide, Ghana’s Deputy Minister of Information.

The Deputy Minister said this at the launch of “2020 Heritage Month” that was organised by the Ghana Broadcasting Corporation (GBC) to promote the nation’s cultural heritage, and also boost consumption of local products and ultimately, socio-economic growth.

The Deputy Minister expressed his hopes that GBC’s Heritage Month initiative would be emulated by organisations and individuals within the country, with the aim to promote a solid cultural identity and boost Ghana’s economy.

Professor Amin Alhassan, the Director-General of the GBC, said that one of the station’s primary roles, is to promote the nation’s cultural heritage; therefore, the GBC’s Heritage Month initiative was meant to be a reminder of what it means to be Ghanaian.

He said that the GBC would continue to promote the country’s cultural heritage as this would enhance Ghana’s development.

GBC has announced that the theme of this year’s Heritage Month initiative is “Our Identity Our culture”.
The celebration is set to continue throughout the month of March and will be marked by many activities that celebrate and promote the country’s cultural heritage.

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