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Madagascar Set To Migrate To DTT In June 2020 - Reports

The government of Madagascar has announced that its authorities plan to switch the country to digital terrestrial television (DTT) on June 17, 2020.

This information was recently provided by the nation’s Ministry of Communications. According to the announcement, the next six months will serve as a trial-run for the national platform.

Since its launch in 2015, the Madagascan migration process to DTT switch-over has lagged considerably.

One of the main problems that were sighted by the government resided in the establishment of an adequate legal framework in preparation for the national rollout of an efficient and robust DTT platform.

The legal aspect of the process occupied the Malagasy authorities for many months, who then still had to manage the various technical and communication aspects that had to be prioritised for a successful rollout.

The Ministry of Communication has for several months initiated tours in all regions of the country to train and assist the population in becoming familiar with the upcoming DTT switch-over.

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