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Nigeria: NBC To Issue 200 New Licences To Broadcast Stations -Reports

The Director-General of Nigeria’s National Broadcasting Commission (NBC), Is’haq Modibbo Kawu recently disclosed that the commission has decided to issue 200 additional licenses for broadcasting stations across the country.

Kawu made this announcement while speaking at the fifth anniversary of the Fresh Insight Newspapers, held in Ilorin, Nigeria.

He explained that the recent deregulation in the country’s broadcasting industry had opened up many opportunities and advantages for the people of Nigeria.

The NBC boss added that the commission had already issued licenses to 240 stations earlier this year and he predicted that by the time the new licenses are released, more job opportunities would be provided for Nigeria’s unemployed youth.

He further disclosed that currently, Nigeria has about 740 radio and TV stations, but the commission looked forward to an increase in this number due to the new batch of licences that are being processed.

Kawu said that the NBC is looking at the possibility of having no less than 200 channels on the upcoming digital-switchover platform, including channels for women, children, documentaries and several others in order to satisfy different tastes.

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