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Kenya’s Copyrights Board And CA Urge Broadcasters To Obtain Content Licenses Before Distribution

Kenya’s broadcast and telecoms content service providers have been given until November 29 to adhere to all copyright laws as stipulated in their license conditions and still be compliant to any other legal obligations as they offer their products and services to consumers.

This instruction was issued by ICT regulator the Communications Authority of Kenya (CA) in collaboration with the Kenya Copyright Board (KECOBO), a state entity that is tasked with administering and enforcing copyright and related rights such as Collective Management Organizations (CMOs) and licensing.

This development may have prompted the exit of local TV stations from their YouTube live-streams as members of the public have noticed.

Additionally, the Board and the CA expect broadcasters and telecoms content service providers to negotiate and agree on legal contracts with the relevant copyright licensing bodies or authorized legal vendors before broadcasting or sharing copyrighted material.

Licenses can be paid for through several means such as Lipa Na M-PESA. The joint form combines several rights licenses and is valid for 12 months.

The licensing categories offered by the institutions include the background use of sound recordings as well as audio-visual work, broadcast, communication to the public, performances in public places, events and transport.

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