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Seychelles Broadcasting Corporation To Launch TV App And OTT Services

Seychelles Broadcasting Corporation has announced a new TV app and the move into OTT services next year, both of which are expected to boost audience engagement with television content.

During the Broadcasting Convention of Southern Africa, the Corporation’s Director-General Berard Dupres said the app enabled SBC “to provide our channels to anybody in the world who can download and register on the app.”

The development follows the trial of radio app, which Dupres declared has “worked brilliantly” over the past year, providing audience boosting engagement opportunities within the Seychelles.

“The SBC TV app [will] allow our audiences to interact with the studio, to send their views, to send their videos, which are then used by producers and presenters to input back into the programmes.” With regards to funding, some content will be open access, while others will be revenue-raising. “We will put all our news and current affairs on the mobile TV app – that’s for free,” Dupres explained, before also adding, “We are going to then move to monetization of the very precious archives that we have, both for audio and video, and that will help fund the OTT service.”

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