Netflix And Other VoD Platforms To Tackle Password-Sharing

The global streaming giant Netflix and other VoD operators plan to crack down on the problematic practise of password-sharing.

It is reported that the operators will roll out a host of new features in an effort to put a stop to account sharing around the world.

Some of the measures being explored include two-step authentification, regular password resets, possible fingerprint recognition and geographical fencing of accounts.

A tech expert, Toby Shapshak, said that the announcement comes just as the growing market of content streaming operators continues to compete for the same slice of the pie.

According to Shapshack, a lot of account holders will be reluctant to frequently changing their passwords or authenticating their accounts.
He said that streaming operators would need to make the verification measures convenient and user-friendly.

Shapshack noted that Netflix, in particular, had become much stricter about password-sharing and other tricks used to bypass the system since its launch in South Africa.
He added that previously Netflix hadn’t seemed to mind if people logged in from various locations or if South African subscribers logged in using VPN to use the US store until they rolled out in South Africa.

It now turns out that instead of having three subscribers, three different people are using the same log-in.

Netflix has identified this as a well-known phenomenon globally and has finally decided to execute measures that will put an end to the security breach.

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