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Current realities across the globe are reshaping how society access and consume broadcast media. It is also massively impacting how broadcasters and media organisations make their services available to consumers in a viable way.

It is, therefore, now imperative that broadcast organisations in Africa, to begin to evaluate their systems and operations and to rapidly modernise their operations to take advantage of the dynamics offered in this changing environment.

INTELSAT in collaboration with Broadcast Media Africa is delighted to present a most crucial executive industry briefing to provide insights and practical understanding of critical issues and strategies that it will take to modernise the industry systems and operations in a sustainable and commercially viable manner.

Topics To Be Addressed

Key Topics To Be Addressed

  1. Transformation in the broadcasting industry
  2. The new broadcasting paradigm for a multi-platform, multi-device environment
  3. Diversifying broadcasters advertising revenue streams
  4. How to taking advantage of streaming and on-demand services
  5. Content partnerships and relationships - how to make them work for broadcasters
  6. Driving positive relationships between broadcasters and mobile network operators (MNOs)

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Attend This Forum To:

  • Hear Illuminating keynotes and featured presentations from top-level industry executives and professionals
  • Examine and understand the ongoing transformation in the broadcasting industry
  • Engage in free discussions with fellow participants in a semi-structured format to generate workable ideas
  • Discover the extent that COVID-19 impacted broadcasters revenues
  • Review primacy of content is being leveraged and how delivery platforms
  • Address the cost-effective distribution of video services across multiple platforms
  • Take part in real-time online networking opportunities to help get business done!

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