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Radio and Digital Audio Broadcasting

With the broadest reach per-population when compared to TV, Press and other forms of media, Radio, as a broadcast medium, is still widely acknowledged as the dominant mass-media platform in Africa.

Thus, as the broadcasting infrastructure and platforms in Africa are being migrated from analogue to digital, radio and sound broadcasting will further project the realisation of its potential as the most efficient and effective medium for social information, entertainment and education.

Digital radio and sound broadcasting promises to improve both the quantity and quality of what is available on the radio and to increase the number of people who will be able to listen to the radio.

Broadcast Media Africa (BMA), in collaboration with the Southern Africa Broadcasting Association (SABA), is proud to convene a high-level international Radio and Digital Audio Convention of Southern Africa.

The International meeting will serve as the platform for industry stakeholders in the region (and from across the globe) to review and evaluate the strategic and operational issues and solutions with Radio Broadcasting in a digital ecosystem.

With the theme “Radio Broadcasting in a Digital World - Reaching the Next Level”, the conference will feature a series of interactive presentations, case analysis, demonstrations and showcases from a variety of experts and practitioners sharing ideas and experiences and crucial on Radio broadcasting in Africa.

Key Themes | Features

  1. An examination of the future of digital radio in Africa - technology and content
  2. Understanding how to organise digital spaces for Radio stations and facilities
  3. Exploring the opportunities presented by the spectrum efficiency created by Digital Audio Broadcasting
  4. System constraints - overcome technical constraints of Digital Radio
  5. Distribution systems for digital audio and sound
  6. Creating content for radio broadcasting in a digital ecosystem
  7. Streaming and downloading content – resolving the issues and challenges
  8. Digital radio platforms and applications - innovations for listeners and broadcasters
  9. Examining transmitters and digital infrastructure equipment for radio broadcasting
  10. Pop-up, special interest and community Radio broadcasting driving the opportunities
  11. Implementing ‘open system’ standards for digital radio
  12. Evaluate the commercial viability of digital radio platforms such as DRM, DAB, DAB+
  13. Policy and regulatory frameworks for radio broadcasting in a digital world

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