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Content Management For Digital TV

In order to gain success as TV infrastructure and systems go digital, industry professionals and executives must understand the opportunities and challenges driving the management and monetisation of broadcast content in the digital ecosystem and localise environment.

TV Content Development, Distribution and Monetisation is the crucial industry forum designed to offer a deeper understanding on how to acquire, create, develop, distribute, regulate and above all monetise content in a digital broadcasting ecosystem.

It will bring together broadcasters, media owners, content publishers, advertisers, regulators and other industry stakeholders to access the right tools, systems and infrastructure for creating, managing and delivering the quality and range of content to meet the expectations of audiences now living an increasingly digitally interconnected world.

Key Themes | Features

  • How to foster a win-win situation amongst content owners, aggregators and distributors and platforms
  • Evaluate various forms of formats that broadcasters can deploy
  • Writing winning scripts for TV content in the digital space
  • Content commissioning in a multi-platform digital environment
  • Reaching global partnerships and alliances to market and monetise content
  • Content funding and financing options and strategies
  • Effective management of content workflow for digital systems
  • Framework for regulation of content in the digital ecosystem
  • Opportunities with specialist channels and programmes
  • The monetisation of content - best practices and effective and models
  • Revolutionising video content delivery with LTE broadcast
  • Combating illegal copying and distribution of digital content
  • Role of mobile devices as content distribution platforms

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