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Spectrum Management For Converged Digital Media

Spectrum, it is often said, is at the forefront of all communications and electronic media services.

Therefore the primacy of effective planning and strategies cannot be overestimated. There is the recurring need for industry stakeholders to address and fully understand how to manage and exploit their Spectrum assets and associated application to full maximum benefits.

The Forum on Spectrum Management For Converged Digital Media is the high level industry event for stakeholders to discuss the latest developments in spectrum technologies, standards, services, applications and platforms. The interactive Forum will offer credible understanding and tailored blueprint that will enable the successful planning and management spectrum services.

The Forum, through a series of interactive presentations, case analysis, demonstrations is a significant platform for sharing ideas and experiences and acquiring information on spectrum management in a digital ecosystem.

The 2-day interactive and informative forum will offer broadcasters — TV and radio — as well as other industry stakeholders across the region with the insights on the regulatory, technical, administrative, commercial and consumer issues that will affect and influence broadcasting in the digital ecosystem.


Key Themes | Features

  1. Post-Digital Switchover (DSO)- Leveraging spectrum to meet the demand for mobile video and internet services
  2. Addressing determining factors for regulating spectrum within a converged ecosystem
  3. How broadcasters, telcos and other industry stakeholders can collaborate to take full advantage of the digital dividend
  4. Meeting the spectrum needs for digital terrestrial television (DTT)
  5. Advancing the capabilities of the convergent network with effective spectrum allocation
  6. Understanding TV white space (TVWS) and the digital migration process
  7. Evaluating a viable schedule for the implementation of whitespace in Africa
  8. Spectrum liberalisation as a strategy for a converged media
  9. Examining innovation and technologies driving spectrum applications and services
  10. Digital media network sharing – practical implementation strategies
  11. Implementing the dynamic spectrum capabilities for a converged telecoms, media and technology ecosystem
  12. New generation access networks and the satellite role

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