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Delivering Broadcast And Media Content In Africa - Role Of Satellite Technology

The role of satellite in broadcast delivery and media content in Africa is huge. Digitisation of TV broadcast has greatly influenced how the use of satellite has changed over the years. The broadband and interactive potential of satellite services, as well as the convergence with other technologies such as mobile communications, global positioning and the Internet has in recent years being explored and maximised. Satellites are more advanced and superior to other broadcast technologies when it comes to video distribution due to their high technical capacity.

Worldwide, there are over a billion TV sets receiving thousands of channels from various local and international broadcasters and networks. Satellites makes it possible for these channels to be transmitted in timely manner within a prescribed delivery format. The bigger and more advanced the delivery method is, so is the volume of content delivered per time.

Video content from live events is often transmitted using satellite delivery. Epic sporting events like the Olympics, are transmitted live from start to finish via satellite. Other major world events like hurricanes and news event coverage around the world is transmitted by satellite to TV networks for re-transmission.

Delivery of TV Broadcast via satellite has emerged to be one of the most effective broadcast delivery platform in many parts of the world. This is because this satellite TV broadcast delivery opens up varied options of channels and services mostly accessible especially to areas not serviced by local or cable providers.

Satellite broadcast is also used as a feed to other distribution networks due to its available bandwidth and other advanced capabilities.

Satellite broadcast is very effective in broadcast delivery in Africa because of the large availability of bandwidth, massive reach, and the ability to deliver high quality content whether or not the Internet coverage is up to world-standard. This guarantees content delivery at all times, ensures cost effectiveness for the broadcaster, and meets the demand of any audience with the varied options available.


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