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Protecting Broadcast and Audio-Visual Content - Resolving Africa’s Piracy And Digital Rights Issues

Protecting audio-visual content is about tackling piracy and achieving successful digital rights management. Many broadcasters and other content producers and publishers across begin to deliver content over the internet, either as a streamed or on-demand offering, protecting and securing these content is becoming of central concern. The direct relationship between content protection and revenue assurance is well acknowledged and documented.

How do you battle piracy? Even as it is assumed that piracy cannot entirely be eradicated, the good news is that with a correct mix of technological and commercial solutions, it could be easier, in today’s digital space, for content publishers and broadcasters in Africa to combat and win against content pirates.

Deploying technology solution like Watermarking is a way of reducing content piracy and so the creation of legal, rights-cleared content sharing and exchanging marketplaces.

Digital Rights Management in Africa - Gaining Traction! Achieving a successful Digital Rights Management (DRM) is essential for content security and protection.  And considering the current intellectual property (IP) challenges in Africa, industry stakeholders do need to understand what issues DRM implementation raises, and how these can be resolved.

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