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Africa’s Broadcast Media And The Digital Ecosystem - The Content Challenge!

With the plethora of TV, Radio and media content readily available on various kinds of platforms, it goes without saying - or even thinking - that the consumer, these days, can afford to choose at leisure not only what they want to watch and listen to, but also when are where they will watch and listen to it.
This is definitely a paradigm change, and broadcasters and media players stand at the risk of losing consumers. It is, therefore, essential for industry stakeholders to employ viable strategies to enable them to create, curate and distribute digital content.

The need to benchmark: Understanding your current situation regarding the creation, curation and delivery of digital content is of paramount importance. Adequate benchmarking of latest trends and best practices can obviously inform on how to provide digital media content and there is the need always to think about more ways to integrate latest trends and technologies with service offerings.

Where is the regulator? Digital media content are mostly easily accessible and often free. And to the regulator, there is the constant need to review, evaluate and regulate the dissemination of digital content that will ensure harmful materials are not available for public consumption. Regulators must strive and equip themselves to create a level playing field that will enable them to guide their industry to take advantage of the changing content publishing landscape.

Funding issues: getting grips with ongoing challenges and opportunities: The pertinent issue around funding and financing of content, especially locally generated content calls for public and private stakeholders to raise their game when it comes to funding and financing the production and distribution of local content. Public/private funding initiatives can be very beneficial as it boosts local employment and creates opportunities for local producers to showcase their skills and access further international funding.

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