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Content Exchange Hubs and Platforms - Scenarios for Broadcasters In Africa

Now more than ever, broadcasters in Africa need to meet the demand for high-quality content. The market for African TV content is expanding rapidly, with a growth of more than 20% each year. The move to digital content has brought about a huge change in the broadcasting industry as a whole. This means content production, distribution, management and consumption has been impacted significantly by this digital move.

There is an increasing clamour for a single source of a broadcast content platform connecting broadcasters across various or within continents (USA, Europe, Asia, Africa). Broadcasters are connected via this exchange hub or platform, and content is delivered over a high-quality fibre network.

Content transfer hubs and platforms has emerged as one of the primary ways by which broadcasters across Africa can collaborate on content or projects. It enables stakeholders in the broadcast film and music industry to work together.

For Broadcasters in Africa to benchmark against international standards and remain competitive, connecting and collaborating via these exchange hubs is very crucial.  It results in workflows being streamlined and costs reduced by exchange of content on hubs and platforms. Using platforms like these opens up new revenue opportunities as well as new distribution channels especially for broadcasters in Africa with an eye on exporting content to international markets. The use of content exchange hubs by broadcasters also further brings down overhead costs for the broadcasters by providing a single source of content from everywhere.

The demand for high-quality content is increasingly at a very rapid pace. This content has to be delivered promptly using the latest file format available. This makes a content exchange hubs and platforms ideal. Content can also be managed and stored on these platforms. This content is then easily accessible which is essential to on-demand viewing.

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