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Understanding The Role Of Telcos In Driving The Online Video Innovations

  • Certain trends are driving the future such as:

    • The arrival of the “Internet of Things” (IoT) represents a transformative shift for the economy, similar to the introduction of the PC itself.

    • Change of landscape for Telcos- Subscribers abandon the fixed-line voice subscriptions in favour of mobile phones

    • “Content Everywhere”=Demand for greater content to seamlessly follow the viewer wherever he or she goes.

    • The viewing landscape has grown, it is beyond the living room- Social dynamics and synergistic experiences will drive more event-based viewing

    • A demand for unique content will drive innovation beyond the traditional studio system

    • Bingeing will drive more innovation in measurement and personalization.

  • The idea of content is changing. It’s no longer just about videos, social posts and websites

  • Advertisers are also shifting their spend and investing now on online platforms

  • Online accessibility has connected vastly larger groups than ever before in history, thereby increasing innovation

  • Telcos need to spur enabling technology that will deliver broadband services faster and cheaper

  • Telcos must completely redefine their relationship with their customers. They must prove that they can offer high-quality, state-of-the-art, and reliable communications services

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