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Content Publishing In The Digital Ecosystem The Role Of The Regulator

  • Content can be regulated through user/viewer complaints to the regulator, the challenge , however, those providers who are not licensed or authorised by the regulator.

  • With the judicial process for libel and sedition handled by the courts, this could mean that courts should assume a more jurisprudence

  • It is imperative that every stakeholder in the ecosystem understands the importance of regulating content since some content can be harmful to society

    • Government must establish rules that enable licensing for all content producers regardless of platform

  • Content abide by the broadcast code which states that content must be a truthful, comprehensive, intelligent account of each days local, regional, national and international events that have significant impact on the Nigerian community.

    • This is necessary for content to promote and sustain Nigeria’s diverse cultures, moves, folk lores and community life

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