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Quality Local Content In The Digitised Ecosystem - Taking Advantage Of The Opportunities

  • Advances in technology are necessitating a growing need for quality digital content, widening the marketplace with variety of platforms in competition

    • However, there isn’t enough quality African content available to meet the demand

  • Viewers actively seek specific content to suit their pre-determined needs and as such content being produced today is defined by the consumers

  • Multi-platform environment means greater opportunities and a fundamental change for broadcasters and content providers

  • The challenges currently affecting the industry are

    • Funding and Financing for Local Content

    • Content protection and security

    • Copyright laws are not meticulous enough

    • Content acquisition and the exploitation by content distribution agencies

  • Taking Advantage of the Opportunities will mean

    • Establishing a truly collaborative environment, where content rights owners and media platform operators create a win-win business

    • Leveraging on programme exchanges to maximise content utilisation

    • Develop and deploy market-appropriate monetisation strategies

    • Job creation as an economic benefit since there is an increasing need for compelling African contents.

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