Broadcast Infrastructure

Mar 07, 2019  |  Intelsat Announces That 5G Delivery In Africa Will Depend On Satellite Networks

According to the giant integrated satellite network solutions provider, Intelsat, the ability to deliver 5G in Africa would depend heavily on the allocation of satellite networks. At the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2019 that was recently hosted in Barcelona, Intelsat ...

Jan 18, 2019  |  South Africa: Intelsat SA Joins GSMA To Encourage Integration of Satellite And Terrestrial Solutions

Intelsat SA, the operator of the world’s first Globalized Network and frontrunner in integrated satellite communications, has announced its recent collaboration with GSMA, the organisation that represents mobile operators globally, to further strengthen the merger of satellite and terrestrial technologies ...

Nov 14, 2018  |  Eutelsat Claims To Be The Satellite TV Leader in Cameroon, Nigeria and Ivory Coast

Eutelsat said that according to a study done by Nielsen on television reception throughout all three countries, it is the satellite TV market leader in Nigeria, Cameroon and Ivory Coast. The interviews were conducted with 2,000 households in Cameroon, 2,000 ...

Nov 07, 2018  |  Ethiopia: Space Institute Gears Up to Launch First Satellite Next Year

Plans for Ethiopia to launch its first earth observatory satellite in September 2019 are underway. Ethiopia will be joining a list of a few African countries that have already put their devices into orbit. The Director General of the Ethiopian ...

Delivering Growth In The Last Mile - The SES ELEVATE Programme Accelerating DTH Growth On The Ground

For any business, the last mile is critical, as that final leg of customer delivery can make or break a customer relationship. At the same time, it offers a promising space to explore new opportunities, as has happened with the ...

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TV Content Development, Distribution and Monetisation Forum

25th - 26th June 2019

Swakumpond | Namibia

Effective Funding and Financing For Broadcast Organsations In The Digital Ecosystem

24th - 25th July 2019

Port Louis | Mauritius

Broadcast Infrastructure and Platforms For A Converged Media Ecosystem

27th - 28th August 2019

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OTT Content Streaming and Video On Demand (VoD) Services Forum

11th - 12th September 2019

Lagos | Nigeria