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Video-On-Demand  |  Amazon Prime To Offer African Content To International VOD Audiences

Amazon Prime has revealed that it will be offering African content to international audiences on its video-on-demand platform. Long ago, international audiences battled to get access to African content, but the rebirth of African cinema and the rapid emergence of ...

Content Services  |  Trace Inks New Deals For Content Sales In Africa

TRACE announced just before its participation in the 69th Berlin International Film Festival the conclusion of new sales deals in Africa. TRACE’s content distribution division took part in the “Berlinale Africa Hub” from the 9th to the 13th of February, ...

Africa Launches Its First Short-Format Sitcom

‘The Bellos', Africa's first ever short-format sitcom for social media and TV is now released. The show is produced by the KMP Media Group in Johannesburg and was written by Cilla Lowen, a screenwriter who has a fantastic penchant for ...

South Africa: "Five Fingers for Marseilles" Is Coming To America

Five Fingers for Marseilles is a South African production that will be hitting American cinemas after it's premiere across South Africa on Friday, 6 April 2018. The plans is to release the fast-paced thriller in the United States of America ...

South Africa: Radio and TV Stations Will Be Mandated To Carry 70 Percent Local Content

In South Africa, a new policy that TV and radio stations in South Africa should attain 70% local content within five years has been adopted by the African National Congress (ANC). According to the resolution that was issued at the ...

South Africa: Multichoice Box Office To Carry Afrikaans-Speaking Movies

Multichoice movie rental service (Multichoice Box Office) is now offering Afrikaans-speaking titles; starting with Droomdag, an Afrikaans flix by Willie Esterhuizen, which premiered on Multichoice Box Office earlier in the week.TV executives believe that local Afrikaans films have come of ...

Funding and Financing of Local Content - Understanding the Challenges & Opportunities

The need for funding and financing of high-quality local content has drastically increased over the past few months. This is because the migration from analogue to digital television means more bandwidth is freed up and available. More local channels will ...

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