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Broadcasting Tech  |  Kenya: TVU Networks To Help Broadcasters Cover National Election

TVU Networks has announced it will be providing additional mobile transmitters to major broadcasters in Kenya to cover, adequately, the forthcoming presidential elections in the country. A statement from the company said it is providing hundreds of its mobile uplinks ...

Free-To-Air TV  |  Generating Quality Content Is A Big Issue, Says Kenya Broadcasting Corporation (KBC)

Mr Waithaka Waihenya, the Managing Director of Kenya Broadcasting Corporation (KBC) has acknowledged that the ability to generate and access quality original local content is one of the biggest challenges faced by his organisation. Kenya's regulatory authorities require broadcasters to ...

Kenya Broadcasting Corporation (KBC) Faces Uncertain Financial Future - Report

Recently seen reports indicates that Kenya Broadcasting Corporation is 'waste-deep' in debt and may struggle to manage its financial obligations. According to the Auditor General's Report, the national broadcaster in Kenya is reported to have accumilated a trading loss of ...

Kenya Broadcasting Corporation Services May Face Devolution

In a bid to drive its media development agenda, the Kenyan Government is planning to decentralise the services of Kenyan Broadcasting Corporation (KBC). According to the Principal Secretary of Broadcasting and Telecommunications, Mr Samuel Itemere, devolving KBC services to the ...

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