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Broadcast Regulation  |  Kenyan Communications Authority Reviews Programming Code For Pay-TV Operators

The Communications Authority of Kenya (CA) has announced that it is currently in the process of reviewing the programming code for the country’s pay television operators. The code that is currently in place was developed in 2015 and has been ...

Regulation  |  Kenya: Regulator Declines Telco’s Bid For TV Licence Again

The Communications Authority of Kenya (CA) has once again opted to decline to grant Safaricom a broadcasting licence. This decision was made pending the release of the report on market dominance in the country’s telecommunications sector. During an interview, the ...

Kenya: Communication Authority Aims For 60 Percent Local Content Programming By 2022.

The Communication Authority (CA) of Kenya through has announced that there is a new goal for all broadcasters to air at least 60 percent local content programming on all their platforms. The Communication Authority says it believes the country can ...

Kenya: Government Blocks Television Stations From Broadcasting

The Kenyan government, it is reported, have shut down some TV stations in the country, allegedly for broadcasting a mock "Swearing-in" as president of the opposition leader Mr Raila Odinga. The broadcasting organisations that have been affected, according to reports ...

Kenya: "Broadcasters Not Meeting Children's Programming Quota" - CA

The Communications Authority of Kenya (CA) has declared that most broadcasters in the country are not meeting their quota on children programming on television. According to the CA, the broadcasting regulations in Kenya requires television channels to provide a minimum ...

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