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Pay TV  |  DStv Seeks Regulatory Approval To Hike Up Subscription Fees In Angola

MultiChoice wants to raise DStv's monthly subscription by up to 20% in Angola, but the satellite pay-TV operator needs to receive regulatory approval before it would be allowed to go forward with a price increase. According to recent media reports ...

Connectivity  |  Angola Prepares For Angosat-2 After First Failed Attempt

Not long after Angola’s first telecom satellite - Angosat-1 - failed soon after reaching orbit, the country is already implementing activities that will help them get a second shot at satellite ownership with the planned launch of Angosat-2 in the ...

Angola To Experience A Boost In Mobile Subscriber Penetration

Mobile subscription penetration in Angola is forecast to reach 72 percent in 2023, according to GlobalData, a data and analytics company. Angola which is considered Africa’s second largest oil producer after Nigeria, reached 43 percent of mobile subscription penetration in ...

Lost But Found - Angosat-1 Re-Establishes Communication With Earth Station

Angosat-1, the Angolan satellite that was recently launched into orbit but declared lost when no signal contact was received back following the launch is now said to have re-established communications link with the earth station. Angola's Minister for Telecommunications and ...

Angola Cables To Boost Broadband With Launch Of South Atlantic Cable System (SACS)

Angola Cable has announced that it is about to complete the South Atlantic Cable System (SACS) - a subsea cable system that is due to add more than 40 Tbps capacity to the cable connectivity infrastructure in Africa. SACS is ...

Zap, Angolan Pay-TV Operator To Stop Distributing SIC Channels

Zap, the Angolan pay-TV satellite operator (owned by Isabel dos Santos) is suspending the broadcast of Portuguese TV channels SIC in Mozambique and locally in Angola. According to news reports, this is coming after recent negative reports of the Angolan ...

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