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Broadband  |  Internet Usage Continues To Rise In Africa

Only a quarter of Africans have internet access, but the region has the most robust growth figures, according to the International Telecommunication Union's (ITU's) latest statistics. For the first time, over half of the world's population will be utilising the ...

Content Services  |  Netflix Invests In Original African Content

African subscribers of Netflix will be thrilled to learn that Netflix is about to deliver more local options of shows to enjoy. The global streaming giant has confirmed that it has decided to order original series from Africa next year ...

Orange Plans To Launch 5G In Africa And The Middle East

Orange revealed that it plans to bring 5G services to Africa and the Middle East (AME) from 2020, but there are still some challenges to overcome, especially when it comes to low-cost network infrastructure solutions and power consumption. The Senior ...

Pay TV Market In Sub-Saharan Africa Could Be Worth 7 Billion Dollars (US) By 2020

The Pay TV market in sub-Saharan Africa may be worth 7 billion US Dollars by the year 2020, according to Mr Simon Murray of Digital TV Research (a UK-based industry research company). A recently released report indicated that the Pay ...

DEOD Signs Telecom Operator Partners In Zimbabwe and Zambia

In our previous report on DEOD - Africa's newest VOD platform - we asked whether the organisation has plans to roll-out across Africa. It turns out that they might do. Industry sources are saying that Discover Digital (owners of DEOD) ...

Intelsat To Power Liquid Telecom's Pan-African Delivery Of Broadband Services

Satellite company Intelsat says it has entered into agreement with Liquid Telecom to deploy theur EpicNG satellite services across its' networks. This deal will enhance Liquid Telecom's capacity to provide higher broadband bandwidth customers with greater efficiency. It will also ...

Naspers Will Seek To Collaborate With Mobile Phone Operators For VOD Service

Bloomberg is reporting that Naspers - Africa’s biggest company by market value - is actively searching collaborations with mobile-phone operators in Africa to expand its video-on-demand business and push-up competition against rival Netflix. It was reported that last year, Naspers ...

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25th - 26th June 2019

Swakumpond | Namibia

Effective Funding and Financing For Broadcast Organsations In The Digital Ecosystem

24th - 25th July 2019

Port Louis | Mauritius

Broadcast Infrastructure and Platforms For A Converged Media Ecosystem

27th - 28th August 2019

Johannesburg | South Africa

OTT Content Streaming and Video On Demand (VoD) Services Forum

11th - 12th September 2019

Lagos | Nigeria