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South Africa: Survey Result on DStv Shows People Still Subscribe Despite Its Offerings

After much dust has been raised over the issue of taxing OTT TV and VOD by MultiChoice a survey conducted by MyBroadband on DStv and Netflix has revealed that many people still subscribe to DStv.

According to MyBroadband, a total of 9,857 respondents who are tech-savvy individuals took the Survey, which means the survey results are indicative of what South Africans with a good knowledge of the TV and streaming industry think.

The Survey results revealed that 55 percent of the respondents agreed that they subscribed to DStv despite its cost. Out of this group who are DSTV customers, 60 percent are subscribed to DStv Premium, the pay tv's most expensive package.

The respondents said on DSTV; they mainly watched sports channels (59 percent) and movie series (53 percent), two segments where DStv has exclusive offerings compared to competing brands.

Majority of DStv subscribers said they watched 5-10 hours of the service per week, while 14 percent said they watched over 20 hours on a weekly basis.

Another standout figure was that 47 percent of respondents who said they planned to cancel their DStv subscription this year. 11 percent said were unsure about the future of their subscription with the company. Among respondents who do not subscribe to DStv, only 3 percent said they planned to sign up for a package this year.


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