South Africa: Cell C Enters Roaming Partnership Deals With MTN

The South African mobile company, Cell C has announced it has entered into a "far-reaching roaming agreement" with Africa's telecoms giant MTN with an aim to complement its high-quality network.

According to Cell C's CEO, Jose Dos Santos, “We conducted a comprehensive assessment of the wholesale offerings that are available in the market and based on MTN’s significant network investment in recent times, we came to a conclusion that MTN offers the best solution for our business going forward.”

With this agreement, rather than for Cell C to self-build, MTN will provide both 3G and 4G services to the mobile company in locations where it has chosen to purchase coverage which is mainly outside of the metropolis.

Dos Santos said that the deal would complement Cell C’s network offering and, with the introduction of roaming 4G services, subscribers in the affected areas will benefit significantly. He also added that roaming agreement with MTN best meets the needs of Cell C as a company and that rollout of this multi-billion-rand long-term roaming agreement which will soon be implemented would be completed in the next few months.

Cell C has made it known that the primary focus of executing the roaming agreement with MTN is to ensure enhanced customer experience and a seamless handover for subscribers. The implication of this is when a customer is on a call that happens to switch from a Cell C tower to an MTN tower, the call will not be unexpectedly dropped.

According concluded: "We are confident this roaming agreement will bring exceptional value to both companies and to our customers. With the implementation of this deal, our 4G population coverage will increase from 33% to 80%.

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