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Nigeria: NBC Shuts Down Reach FM With Linked A Politician

Regular listeners of eastern Nigeria based radio station Reach Fm 104.7 would be wondering why they can't receive a signal from its frequency anymore.

The National Broadcasting Commission (NBC) has put the lid indefinitely on Reach FM, a newly established radio station allegedly owned by the politician - Mr Rochas Okorocha, the incumbent Governor of Imo State in Eastern Nigeria - for operating without getting the required broadcasting license.

Director, Media Operation Unit of NBC, Alhaji Bugudu Almalik said that having failed to acquire a radio broadcasting license, the owner connived with some NBC workers to locate owners of approved licenses that were no longer in operation. When the scrupulous NBC workers found one that was not in operation, the owners of the shutdown radio station bought over their license in the form of partnership, and this is an action that is not allowed by the NBC laws.

NBC's director expressed shock and bitterness at this kind of nefarious activities that it attracted the anger of the commission which brought about the immediate closure of the station with an ongoing probe on how he obtained the supposed license for Reach FM.


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