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YouTube Upgrades, Adds Trending Chart Listing Features To Include Kenyan Music

The most popular online video viewing channel, YouTube has carried out an upgrade of its app and has added a Trending Chart listing on its application in addition to top songs, artists and videos.

In a post, Chris Clark, Product Manager, YouTube Music wrote: “The new Trending Chart is updated multiple times a day to provide a special, real-time view of the hottest new music that fans are listening to."

In the upgraded app, the charts being rolled out in 44 countries will now include Kenya. It will feature popular and rising local and global trends based on the number of views on the platform.

Kenya was listed because according to the State of the Internet report 2017, the Youtube app records eight million monthly Kenyan users.

The chart basically shows how viewers and users are consuming music on the platform and the multiple ways artistes are using YouTube to share their creative work.

The Top Artists chart will highlight the most popular artists on the app, based on the total views of their official music videos, live performances, remixes, lyric videos, song user-generated content, album tracks as well as collaborations.

YouTube is a very important platform for local artistes who rely on the channel to launch new music and get airplay while keeping track of how well the market receives it.


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