Broadcast Regulation

Burundi Suspends Operation of BBC, VOA Ahead of May 17 Referendum

Burundi's National Communication Council announced on Friday that they had suspended operations by the British Broadcasting Association (BBC) and Voice of America (VOA) for six months accusing them of breaching press laws in the country.

This ban by Burundi media authorities comes ten days before the referendum in which incumbent President Pierre Nkurunziza could successfully rule for another 16 years until 2034!

The National Communication Council accused BBC of breaking local press laws because it invited a Burundi national to speak on its programme, whose comments were “inappropriate, non-verified, exaggerated, damaging the reputation of the head of state, geared towards ethnic hatred, political conflict and civil disobedience.”

Meanwhile, the council says VOA has been suspended for broadcasting on an unapproved frequency.

Radio France International and local station Isanganiro were also warned about their conduct in the same statement.


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