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DStv To Develop "Streaming-Only" Packages

Africa's leading pay-TV platform, DStv is working on a streaming-only version of the service which will put them in competition with video-on-demand service providers like Netflix, iflix and Showmax.

MultiChoice South Africa CEO Calvo Mawela told MyBroadband.

This report comes as MultiChoice CEO Mark Rayner said at the beginning of 2017 that it was definite that DStv would have streaming-only service in the future- when was the next question in the minds of critics and customers.

Mawela said the company had taken significant steps towards offering a streaming-only package, but there are obstacles to overcome. He highlighted the biggest challenge to be securing the streaming rights for all the entertainment content they offer on their existing DStv packages.

MultiChoice, owners of DSTV, was able to acquire the last of these rights just this year, making it possible for 'DStv Now' to provide live streaming of its channels that are in the DStv Premium package.

'DStv Now' is an app that is available on Android and iOS, or via a web browser, which enables DStv subscribers to view channels on their respective packages online.

MultiChoice's Boss said it is evident that the future is in online streaming and video-on-demand services.

Reports show that where MultiChoice lost over 100,000 DStv Premium subscribers during the last financial year, the leading on-demand video platform, Netflix recently announced that it had added 7.41 million subscribers in the last quarter thereby, growing to 125 million subscribers globally.

Although DStv is recording ample growth in its less expensive packages like DStv Access, Mawela said its cheaper services operate on lesser margins while better profits come from more expensive packages like DStv Premium and DStv Compact.

Therefore, developing a streaming-only package like DStv Now MultiChoice is making an effort on its part to ensure it is capable of handling the evolution of the subscription TV space.

As regarding when the initiative would launch, Mawela said their standalone streaming package is still a work in progress adding that the company is waiting for DStv’s digital media division to come up with a full commercial plan for the service, along with a proposed activation date.

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