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South Africa: Nu Metro Wants Piracy Sites In South Africa Blocked

Nu Metro has said to MyBroadband the effect of Piracy in the creative content industry is detrimental, therefore, blocking sites that enable such act will help curb the scourge of piracy in South Africa.

Nu Metro added that anti-piracy measures must also be extended to counter the sale of illegal DVDs on street corners and other locations, as well as online peer-to-peer torrent services.

These comments came following a report by Russia’s telecommunications regulator, which stated that attendance in cinema increased by 11% after they blocked 8,000 pirate sites in 2017.

While supporting the efforts of SAFACT and the SAPS in this fight, Nu-Metro said a boost in revenue of the cinema industry is one of their primary objectives.”

It said these unofficial platforms are against the cinema industry, and research proves that movie fans who download movies legally are also frequent the cinema.

Ster-Kinekor, a South African based cinema firm agreed that piracy is a problem and a threat to the movie industry, but said South Africa and Russia could not be compared.

Ster-Kinekor said, “To sustain existing levels of growth in cinema,  we need to focus on how to innovate further around the entertainment experience especially on packaging and promoting content across multiple platforms." There is no silver bullet nor one solution to conquer piracy.

Blocking piracy sites may have some impact, but for a country like South Africa, where broadband Internet access is not highly prevalent, piracy comes in other forms. So, site blocking may not have as much impact as it did in Russia.

“The fight against piracy should also be about proving to viewers that authentic means of consuming content can be both enjoyable and valuable.

The reasons for the existence of piracy sites are different. So are the solutions. The future of cinema is multifaceted, and as an industry, there is the need to come together embark on this journey.” Ster-Kinekor said.


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