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Inview Unveils ‘Free TV’ - A Digital TV Service In Nigeria

A digital TV service known as ‘Free TV’ has been launched in Nigeria by Inview, the UK-based digital TV software company. Nigeria's Vice President, Mr Yemi Osinbajo was at the launch which took place in the Nigerian capital city Abuja.

The service will be rolled out in conjunction with the National Broadcasting Commission, and the service is set to be amongst the biggest free-to-air TV platform in the world - ultimately becoming available to over 150 million individuals.

The ‘Free TV’ set-top boxes are the keystone of the new service. The company is also set to operate the EPG and broadcasting applications such as news, public service information, advertising and VoD services.

A payment model based on the UK’s Freeview will be used for the Nigeria market. Patrons will only pay for a subsidised set-top box that will cost around $7 and a TV licence fee of $5 a year, instead of paying a monthly subscription fee. There will also be a pay TV option at an additional cost.

‘Free TV”s channels are encrypted, which means about $250m per annum that would have been lost to piracy can be re-directed back to Nollywood, Nigeria’s film industry.

Nick Markham, Chairman of Inview, assured Nigerians that the “Free TV’ with would be delivered at an affordable price.


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