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Congo: Trace Launches New Congolese Music Channel

The Trace Media Group has launched a new television channel, Trace Kitoko, that is dedicated to music from the Congolese region of Africa.

Trace Kitiko will be devoted to the rhythms, sounds and dance that rock Democratic Republic of the Congo, as well as cater to lovers of its music in the Diaspora.

Located in Central Africa, and formerly known as Zaire, DRC boasts of more than 100 million people.  This makes them the largest French-speaking population in Africa.

This nation is known for its original and incredible musical strength and super talented artists, singers and anthology groups such as Papa Wemba, Koffi Olomide, Tabu Ley, Extra Musica, Zaiko, Langa Langa. Also, some younger generation talents like  Fally Ipupa, Master Gims, Passi, Singuila, Damso, Dadju, Niska, Youssoupha, Lino and Calbo d’Arseni have also emerged and enjoyed international exposure.

From Ndombolo to Rumba and Hip-Hop, Congolese music-loving viewers can get from Trace Kitoko, the best of Central African sounds, as well as concerts, shows, exclusive interviews, and documentaries.

Trace Kitoko’s will broadcast contents in French, Lingala and Swahili languages. Its programs can be viewed on channel 131 of the Canal + bouquets in French-speaking Africa regions and are also accessible from the escape formula.

Trace is an international media group that serves as the first destination for the latest urban and afro-urban music, celebrity news, lifestyle, entertainment and culture. Since they launched in 2003, they have been producing, developing and distributing entertainment content to large and predominantly young viewers.

Consisting of several TV channels that cover music - Trace Urban, Trace Topical, Trace Africa, Trace Kitoko, and one for Sport- Trace Sports. Each of these channels is a global market leader with more than 400 hours of original HD content.

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