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Global pay-TV Revenues To Fall By 11 Percent In 2023 - Digital TV Research

According to the Global Pay TV Revenue Forecasts report from Digital TV Research, global pay-TV revenues were seen to have peaked in 2016 at $205 billion and is projected fall by 11 percent in the year 2023. This fall will occur despite the number of pay-TV subscribers rising by 9 percent.

Simon Murray, a Principal Analyst at Digital TV Research, advised that revenues per subscriber are dwindling because more homes are converting to bundles. He said that in North America, revenues would decrease by a whopping $22 billion between the year 2017 and year 2023.

Murray revealed that the global decline would sum up to $19 billion, so the other regions will grow overall. Western Europe will experience a drop of $2 billion, but the Asia Pacific will increase by $3 billion.

Revenues will shrink in 47 out of the 138 countries mentioned in the report between the year 2017 and year 2023. Twelve nations will lose above 10 percent of their income.

In the Asian continent, it is predicted that China will gain nearly $1 billion in pay-TV revenues between the year 2017 and year 2023 bringing its total to $13 billion. India was forecasted to bring about the most significant increase in pay-TV revenues at $1.6 billion.

The report indicates that only six countries increase their share of revenues between the year 2017 and year 2023. Of the top 10 fast-growing nations by percentage eight of the increase will be in Africa.

Satellite TV and digital cable TV revenues have been forecasted to continue to be similar. Satellite TV revenues which were $83 billion in 2017 is falling to $77 billion by the year 2023. Digital cable TV will hit $76 billion in the year 2023; down from $85 billion in the same year.

Analogue cable TV is still reported to have accounted for $7 billion in 2017.

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