Kenya: BBC Africa Employs Larry Madowo As New Business Editor

Larry Madowo had landed a new job with the giant Media House British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) as a Business Editor.

Larry Madowow is an outspoken Journalist and TV news anchor in Kenya with interest in Technology, Current Affairs and entertainment. He has worked with NTV, Kenya for about ten years, has featured on  CNBC, a business news cable Television and has written for several international print media.

The 31-year-old broadcaster with over a million followers on Twitter has begun his responsibility of covering business news in Africa with his new office at the new BBC Studios in Riverside, Nairobi.

Recently, the BBC has been poaching top journalists from both the print and electronic media in Africa to improve and establish its presence in the different nations of the continent.

Larry Madowo, former show host on ‘The Trend’, announced his resignation on Twitter. This information was with mixed feelings by Kenyans and fans from other nations. According to him, he said: “I live @ntvkenya as I came: humble and grateful.” He added that his stay at NTV proved to be one of the highest honour of his life and thanked everyone who watched. Larry also acknowledged his colleagues for everything they accomplished together and the nation for the privilege and opportunity to serve.

Earlier in 2018, Larry Madowo who considers himself as a journalist who is relatively prominent threatened to deactivate and delete his twitter account following the vile, toxic and hate tweets he has been receiving. He said that as someone who has strong opinions, his experience on Twitter's platform had been the most degrading experience of his career and he has plans to delete his account and walk away for good.

Reports say that joining the BBC is a welcome relief for Larry as he has been having a frosty relationship with the management of Nation Media Group, because of his no-holds-barred style in talking about issues that are affecting the nation.

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