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Kenya: "Broadcasters Not Meeting Children's Programming Quota" - CA

The Communications Authority of Kenya (CA) has declared that most broadcasters in the country are not meeting their quota on children programming on television.

According to the CA, the broadcasting regulations in Kenya requires television channels to provide a minimum of five hours of children programming per week.

However, in a report issued by the CA, it was shown that only four out of about 50 TV stations have complied with this regulation, meaning that the country's broadcast media content inventory for children is just approximately 7.8 percent.

The CA said that while it acknowledges that costs and other production issues beset TV stations with regards the production of children content, it is, however, necessary that they - the TV stations - find creative ways to deliver on their allocated quotas.

The CA is also promising to work with all broadcasting organisations to provide useful content for children and young adults in Kenya.


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