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Tanzania Sanctions Five TV Stations For "Offensive And Unethical” Broadcasts

Tanzania Communications Regulatory Authority (TCRA)  has issued fines for some broadcasting organisations in the country for what it called "offensive and unethical broadcasts.

The affected stations are Star TV, Azam Two, East Africa TV, Channel 10 and ITV. The total combined fine was in the region of US$27,000.

According to Mr Joseph Mapunda, TCRA's content committee chairman: these broadcasting organisations have been sanctioned for airing content deemed ‘seditious' by the state.

The affected broadcasting organisations have allegedly aired an evaluation of a by-election that took place in the in November. This action, according to TCRA is supposedly contrary and against the broadcasting code by which all electronic media organisations in Tanzania should abide.

Responding to the fines, the affected organisations are protesting, claiming all they had done was to broadcast a news item deemed to be in the public interest.


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