Digital Migration

China's Startimes Launches Digital Satellite TV Services Into Rural Africa

Following from the commitment made by the Chinese government to support the provision of digital satellite services to rural Africa, Startimes (the Chinese owned digital pay TV company) have started to make good on this commitment by launching a satellite-based digital TV service deep in rural Nigeria.

The service, delivered in the rural village of Hulumi in Nigeria will enable locals access digital TV broadcast services so they can now watch and listen to crystal clear digital TV and radio shows broadcasting domestic and international content.

If successful, Startimes would expand this pilot to more than 10,000 African villages and rural outposts.

Guo Weimin, the deputy director of State Council Information Office of China, commented that the objective of China and its government is to deliver on the promise to help Africa take it digitisation endeavour to all it people regardless of where they live.


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