Connectivity: English Prof. In Rural England Get Broadband Services Directly From Africa

The story of Professor Christopher Spry is an interesting story.

Although Prof. Spry currently lives in rural the English county of Brecon Beacons, he is reported to be getting his internet connectivity and broadband services from a satellite that is hoisted over the Democratic Republic of Congo in Africa.

Prof. Spry said he is tapping into the connectivity and broadband services provided via satellite (delivered from ASTRA 2F satellite, which BMA believes is owned by SES) because it gives better access compared to others.

Prof. Spry's story thrust into the spotlight the issue of deploying Satellite technology to provide universal and cost-effective connectivity services to every corner of Africa. The implied question is: If an English Prof. get his broadband and Internet-enabled media services from Satellite (located over Africa) is it time, perhaps, for Africa itself to consider the technology as a solution for delivering cost-effective connectivity services to its populace?


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