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Nigeria: We Are The Treasure Base Of Original And Authentic Content - Royal Roots

Mr Gregory Odutayo, CEO of Royal Roots Nigeria (a content production and broadcasting company in Nigeria) has declared that Nigeria in particular (and Africa in general) will continue to lead the world in Authentic and Original content.

Greg Odutayo made this comment while discussing the forthcoming International Summit on Digital Broadcasting In Nigeria (presented by the Broadcasting Organisations of Nigeria) which will take place on the 22nd - 23rd August 2017 in Lagos, Nigeria.

Excerpt from the interview is below:

Q: Why did you decide to get involved in this International Summit on Digital Broadcasting In Nigeria?  
Gregory: As a stakeholder in the Broadcasting sector, this Summit is of great importance because to a large extent it will be addressing digitisation which is a learning curve for us all. It will be trying to attempt an answer to the challenges we face in protecting and monetising our content as Producers and broadcaster, especially in the digital space.

Q: What future hopes/aspirations do you have for the Nigerian/African broadcasting and media industry?

Gregory: I have high expectations for the Nigerian/African Broadcast landscape. We are the future. Europe and America are running out of stories with, now with a lot of emphasis sci-fi and super hero stories. Africa has tonnes of stories waiting to be exploited. Our challenges are in attracting much-needed funding to the broadcast sector in Nigeria...We are the treasure base of content.

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