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US$ 26 Million Spent On 620,000 Set-Top Boxes For Nigerians, So Far - NBC

Nigeria's National Broadcasting Commission (NBC) - the body in charge of the broadcast media industry in the country - has confirmed it has spent $26 Million (US) to procure 620,000 set-top boxes so far for the Nigeria digital switchover programme. The statement was made by Alhaji Modibo Kawu the Director-General of NBC at an industry event in the city of Ilorin in Nigeria.

He pontificates that as each of the set-top boxes is costing the Nigerian taxpayer about $50 (US) if the public will pay for the 35million TV homes in Nigeria, then the question of affordability comes into it.

Kawu also mentioned that the current switchover from analogue to digital signals would now require a phased implementation approach and that he would expect the process to now be carried out in turns according to the Nigeria's geo-political zones.


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