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African Shows And Productions Doing Well As Web Series

Internet television is 'exploding' and is set to be the biggest rival to traditional TV networks, according to the online magazine

Many African filmmakers are now going to the web to distribute their content. did a round-up of some of the shows that have successfully followed this path, with top 5 listed below:

  • Tuko Macho: A story about crime, justice and vigilantism in Kenya.
  • An African City: Looking at the life and challenges 'the returnees' from the West to Africa
  • Skinny Girl in Transit: Produced by Ndani TV, the story of young women trying hard to deal with body issues
  • Gidi Up: Started in 2013, a web-series charting success, life and relationships in Lagos, Nigeria
  • The Foxy Five by Cape Town-based filmmaker, Jabu Nadia Newman


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