Telkom Kenya Seeks Court Order Over Assets Sale Freeze

Telkom Kenya is reportedly seeking a court order to stop the anti-graft agency from interfering with its properties ahead of the telco’s merger with Airtel Kenya.

In a law-suit filed at the High Court, Telkom sued the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC) claiming that the agency is demanding a list of its properties.

Telkom Kenya said that it is a private entity that has no public assets which fall under the category of properties that the EACC is mandated to investigate.

The anti-graft agency wants Telkom to recall all recent sales of its properties and suspend any other sales pending the inquiry, which has been going on for more than five years.

The EACC is investigating whether there was any misappropriation of public funds and properties during the privatisation of Telkom Kenya.

Telkom Kenya was privatised in 2007 when the French telecoms operator Orange acquired a majority stake, which was later sold to Helios in 2015.

Telkom’s lawyer, George Oraro, said that the company now wants the EACC barred from interfering with its properties as well as getting its hand on the list of its properties and recalling any of them pending the conclusion of all ongoing investigations


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