Cameroon: Camtel Announces Ambitious Growth Targets

Cameroon’s state-owned telco, Camtel has announced that in 2020 and 2021 it will focus on two key pillars of a more comprehensive strategy: consolidation as well as expanding market share.

The General Manager of Camtel Judith Yah Sunday Achidi said that the strategy would centre on customers, finances, processes and human resources.

The company, which is one of four telecoms service providers operating in Cameroon, is looking to implement a programme budget and generate a turnover of more than US$189-million, while also recovering at least 95% of its debt.

Government ministries and state corporations are noted to be the operator’s biggest debtors.

To achieve these financial targets, the company aims to accelerate the commercialisation of its prepaid services, including data, voice and SMS, and focus on the reliability of its billing system.

Achidi also acknowledged that Camtel’s network had been attacked, resulting in continuous disruptions to service - especially in the capital, Yaounde.

In addition to boosting the monetisation of its submarine cables and transport infrastructure, Camtel looks forward to reinforcing its relationship with the nation’s Telecommunications Regulatory Board.

The next phase of the company’s 2022–2025 strategy will place focus on establishing Camtel as the frontrunner of the digital transformation process in Cameroon.

The country aims to become a digital economy by 2035.


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