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Angola: Government To Extend TV And Radio Services

Angola’s Minister of Social Communication, Nuno Albino, has revealed that the Angolan government plans to extend public radio and TV services in the South-East of the country. He added that he is still in the process of assessing the situation, but so far, all was going according to plan.

In March last year, he announced that the government had decided to extend the signals of the National Radio of Angola (RNA) as well as the Public Television of Angola (TPA) to nine municipalities of Cuando Cubango in the southern province.

He explained that the projects for that territory would mark the beginning of a process to strengthen TPA and RNA services at a national level in order to ensure that Angola’s citizens received access to quality information.

Cubango was selected for the first investments because it is the province that has the least presence of radio and TV signals. Albino confirmed that the goal was to achieve 90 percent national coverage in both media platforms by 2022.

The Minister also confirmed that as from Thursday this week, the debates in the National Assembly (unicameral parliament) would be broadcast live on radio and TV, which would directly contribute to the exercise of democracy.

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