South Africa: Telkom Planning To Shed 3000 Jobs -Reports

It has been reported that Telkom is planning to shed roughly 3,000 jobs across various business units including its wholesale division, Openserve. The story was initially broken by Reuters which reported that the South African telco had already sent out letters to trade unions announcing the planned job cuts.

According to the group’s records, it had 15 197 employees at the end of September 2019, making this planned shedding approximately a fifth of the workforce.

Telkom’s Spokesperson Mooketsi Mocumi, in a conversation with Connecting Africa, confirmed that 3,000 employees would be affected through a retrenchment process but mentioned that the telco would only have the final numbers once it completes the consultation process with unions.

Mocumi said that the Commission for Conciliation, Mediation and Arbitration (CCMA) would facilitate all discussions between Telkom and the unions and that the consultation process would begin on January 22, 2020.

The job cuts are scheduled to happen in phases, and Telkom explained that in phase one, the affected divisions would be Telkom’s consumer unit, Openserve and its subsidiary Trudon. The telco said that phase two would affect Telkom’s corporate services.

Over the last few years, Telkom has reduced its staff numbers significantly, usually by providing voluntary retrenchment packages.

In 2013 Telkom’s staff count was a staggering 21,209 employees, but by 2017 it had decreased to 18,847. It was reduced further in 2019 to 15,197 workers.

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