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Nvivo TV Rolled Out In Nigeria

The entertainment and content distribution space in Nigerian is set to see a major transformation following the official rollout of Nvivo TV as part of the revelations made at the just concluded 9th Africa International Film Festival, which was held at the Landmark Event Centre in Lagos.

It was a gathering that provided a chance for stakeholders in the tech and movie industry to witness first-hand the launch of the streaming platform from Envivo, a technology firm that focuses on digital contents.

Nvivo TV is a free video-on-demand streaming platform that offers a selection of content from some of the world’s leading content providers.

The Co-founder of Nvivo and the organiser of AFRIFF, Chioma Ude, declared that AFRIFF would attract a large group of people within the industry.

Nvivo TV is Pan-African platform and will showcase entertainment contents from all over Africa.

Ude noted that Nvivo excites her because it would bring about a new horizon in terms of distribution and monetising of content in Nigeria and the rest of Africa.

She revealed that Nvivo TV had collaborated with the best movie directors, actors and producers to provide original, quality and free content out of Nigeria for TV and movie lovers who are in need of a one-stop-shop where they can watch their favourite skits, shows and movies.


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