Cell C Shuts Down Its Black Streaming Service

Cell C has revealed that it is shutting down its Black streaming service.

In an SMS sent to its Black users, the company announced that the service would close on the 31st of December 2019.

Cell C said that this decision comes after a review of its product portfolio.

It also gave its users a voucher code which gives them three months of free access to Showmax.

One Black user said that the move was disappointing for those that are on a Media Play contract and who now no longer would receive the streaming data and streaming subscription.

Cell C launched Black in 2017 and introduced it as the future of entertainment.

The service offered video streaming, sports betting, music and concert tickets.

In recent months, however, Black’s future started to look uncertain.

In July 2019, Mybroadband reported that Cell C had stopped its investment in the Black platform, and froze the development of its mobile and web apps.

In September, Cell C suspended all the linear channels on Black and went into negotiations with content providers.

Later that month, Cell C’s CEO Douglas Craigie Stevenson revealed that Cell C’s investment in Black had not been a good move.

Cell C said that content remains part of its broader strategy; however, it had to look carefully at how it approaches this in future to ensure a sustainable service that customers want while simultaneously offering a service that makes commercial sense to the business.


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