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Openview Extends Content Protection Partnership With Nagra

Kudelski Group’s Nagra has announced that it has extended its content protection partnership with the South African FTA DTH services operator Openview.

Nagra confirmed that its cardless content protection solutions would continue to secure eMedia, Openview’s free-to-view (FTV) satellite operations.

Commenting on the new development, Antonio Lee, COO of eMedia, the owners of Openview, said that since launching the platform, Openview had reached 1.8 million active set-top boxes on the market, and Nagra had been instrumental in that journey.

Lee added that the ability to secure Openview with Nagra solutions had given the operator a competitive edge over the other FTV services, giving it the ability to deliver more affordable FTV content that is customised to the local markets.

Thierry Legrand, the SVP EMEA for Nagra, commented that Nagra is excited to extend its content protection partnership with Openview and would continue securing the eMedia service as it continues to expand.

Legrand noted that Nagra’s cardless solutions are known worldwide for their scalability and robustness and are the most widely used content protection technologies in Africa.
He added that Nagra is pleased to continue to support Openview as it delivers its new and innovative services to its viewers.


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