Mozambique Telecom Secures Chinese Financing For 4G Deployment

Mobile operator Mozambique Telecom (Tmcel) is depending on Chinese financial support and expertise to help it catch up with its competitors - including Movitel and Vodacom, that already offer 4G coverage.

Vodacom Mozambique launched 4G coverage in Mozambique in 2018 after the renewal of its telecom licence. This year, Movitel, the country's smallest operator, also deployed 4G internet connectivity, although coverage was initially restricted to the capital, Maputo.

Now Tmcel says it will roll out LTE internet connectivity on its network before the end of this year. The service will initially cover Maputo and its immediate surroundings before being expanded to other areas.

Mozambique's Communications Minister, Carlos Mesquita confirmed that the company's 4G program would be expanded and that Tmcel had sourced finance from China.

Tmcel is also going through a network upgrade to improve its services, including fixed phone services.

The telco explained that the network upgrade would involve bringing in new telecom infrastructure and equipment which would help in improving quality and coverage while also increasing the speed of connectivity.

Deployment of 4G connectivity will boost internet connectivity in the southern African country.

In May this year, the Alliance for Affordable Internet (A4AI) said that only a fifth of Mozambique's population is online and added that Mozambique is less connected than its regional neighbours.

A4AI said at the time that they hoped that Mozambique's government policies to regulate the industry would stimulate online growth.


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